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The older one gets the quicker the years go and the more we try to cram into them. Certainly 2013 was no exception. Although the recession is supposed to have improved, we were asked to take in many more animals than the previous year and rehomed fewer dogs. We were given a donation particularly to build field shelters and we now have shelters in all main paddocks. Apart from these we were not able to build anything new In spite of all this we rescued more animals, released more wildlife, and rehomed more animals in total and neutered many more animals than ever.

We are caring for 117 hedgehogs over winter to be released in April, making a total of 1537 animals re homed or released. Unfortunately many of the rescued wildlife were found on the road injured and needed to be put out of their pain but at least we gave them a peaceful end.

The bird total included 22 owls and raptors.

During the year we rescued 13 dogs from abroad, mainly Romania.

Our veterinary staff working with locum vet, Lesley, neutered 403 animals in the year thanks to a grant from The Jean Sainsbury Animal
Welfare Trust
paying for an extra veterinary day.

People coming for therapy with the animals once more has increased and we now have over 40 visitors every month. The student population including all work experience is well over 180 youngster over the year.

‘Friends of PACT’ increased by 1200 in the year mainly due to distribution of leaflets, collections, talks and re homing animals.

The ambulance manned by our hard working staff has been available round the clock and attended on average 9 calls every week, including 5 outside hours calls.

Domestic   Dogs        Cats        Rabbits        G. Pigs        Other        Fowl        Total
Rescued    96              220          92                  71                112          362           953
Rehomed  98              208          77                  52                  57          219           711

Wildlife            Birds        H’hogs        Rabbits        Deer        Others        Fowl       Total
Rescued         559           456               29                 25             56               60           1185
Released       394            204               25                 10            28                48             709



Apart from the 1200 animals and birds we have at the sanctuary we made a difference to another 1364 lives domestic and wildlife, that is an 18% increase over 2011 and we realise that future numbers depend on more kennels and housings being available, and the generosity of our supporters.


 DOMESTIC Dogs    Cats    Rabbits G. Pigs   Other   Fowl    Total


 Rescued         104     173      128        37          100     68          610


 Rehomed         101     136        97         24          39      205        602


 WILDLIFE    Birds     Hedgehogs    Rabbits    Deer   Others   Total


 Rescued            336          313              25            21       59         754


 Released         171           121              12             2        12         345


We are caring for 83 hedgehogs over winter to be released in the spring.

A total of 1030 animals released.







PACT has been rescuing unwanted animals for nearly seventeen years and we have seen many difficult times, often in the past we just didn’t know where the next penny was coming from but something always turned up to enable us to go that extra mile to save an animal from pain and suffering.

2011 has made us realise more than any other year that we just could not do the job without all of your generous support. The call on our resources have been almost devastating but with your help we have managed to rescue and rehome even more animals than ever before. Thank You.

DOMESTIC Dogs    Cats    Rabbits   G Pigs   Other   Fowl    Total


Rescued           121     256     136         24          53         67       657


Rehomed           113     187        96         21          51      123       591


WILDLIFE    Birds     Hedgehogs    Rabbits    Deer   Others   Total


Rescued           235            166              21            12       18        452


Released          171             121              12             2        12        318

Where possible we release the wildlife that we rescue but many come to the sanctuary as a result of road accidents and we can only make them comfortable for their last hour and put them out of their misery. In total we made a difference to 1109 lives and rehomed 591. Many hedgehogs come to us with flystrike through injury and do not survive and many birds are just too young to recover without their own parents

In all cases we do the best we can and the number we release successfully is a tribute to the knowledge and dedication of our staff. The most unusual bird last year was a gannet found 40 miles inland at Wicklewood.

The extra housing we completed in 2010 enabled us to rescue more dogs and cats and therefore rehome more thus saving more lives but this put even greater strain on our resources.

All the dogs and cats we rehomed were neutered and microchipped, which kept our vet nurse and locum vet very busy all year.

We gave work experience to over 60 secondary school children and we now have so many schools wanting to send their pupils here that we have to limit the numbers.

The number of people attending the sanctuary for therapy again increased over the previous year, and the feedback of results was very encouraging.


Overall a very successful year due mainly to everybody at the sanctuary and our volunteer fundraisers really putting in the extra effort for the animals.