Ferret Requirements

Ferret Requirements

Type of home required:  Please see below for recommend set ups

Ferret Enclosures-


Outdoor Set Ups-

Here at PACT we recently fundraised for new and improved Ferret Enclosures.

When looking to rehome a ferret ideally we would like an enclosure similar or better than the one we have here at PACT. Ferrets are active animals so need space to run, play and have fun!

For a safety aspect the ferrets would either need a safety corridor or a board knee height used as a step over, to stop escapees. 

For us, we chose to have bed boxes up high at the back, to maximize to use of the walk in enclosure, with a runaround tunnel connecting the bed box to the ground level. Underneath the bed box we have a large shelf which holds bedding and a hammock for the ferrets to enjoy with a wooden ramp as access. For the main part of the run we have, litter trays in the back corners, tunnels, spaceship boxes, ball pits, sand to dig in, cat trees to climb and food and water stations. Along with cat safe ferret toys.

Our enclosures are 11ft Long, 3 1/2ft Wide for reference.