Appeal for Christmas the cats Care

Appeal for Christmas the cats Care

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Christmas was a 14 week old kitten who was seen thrown from a car and was in a very poor state. He was unable to use his back legs, was covered in fleas, thin and was carrying a large burden of worms. A kind member of the public rushed him to Uplands Way Vets where they immediately jumped into action to save his life. They confirmed he had broken both of his back legs and consulted with orthopaedic surgeons about his chances. One of his legs required highly specialised surgery while the other leg thankfully could heal just with support bandages. This is where we came in. We work with local vets to provide longer term care and take on the medical needs of animals in these situations where possible. We took him to The Grove Orthopedic Referral hospital where he underwent extensive surgery. After a few days he was able to come back and stay with one of our devoted feline carers who ensured he had all his medication and consulted with our vet if there were any worries. Everywhere he has gone, people have fallen in love with his cheeky face and adventurous antics. This little kitten has a lot of fans! We are delighted to say he has fully recovered and is ready to find his forever family.
Christmas vet bills are over £4,000 can you help us towards the cost?