Appeal for Garnet's Care

Appeal for Garnet's Care

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Gorgeous Garnet came in to PACT January 2021. She came in with 3 other Flemish Giant rabbits who were previously used for breeding.
Since under our care, she has been reluctant to eat and showed signs of depression. We thought at first it may be stress but soon knew something else must be going on. She has continued to lose weight and has a lack of appetite. She has had a huge abscess removed from her face which we hoped would be the main problem but she continued to be unwell. Later we spayed her in the hope that we would find and remove ovarian tumours, thinking that these were the source of her problems, however her uterus was normal and she continues to drop weight and intermittently not eat.
We are providing her with around the clock nursing care – syringe feeding, providing pain relief, antibiotics and gut stimulants.
She is now home with one of our rabbit carers to have care throughout the night too. Our next step is to take costly blood samples in an attempt to locate the source of her health problems, but money is tight.
Unfortunately, the bloodtests we need to do must be done externally and will cost us over £200 and that's on top of the medical costs we have already paid out for.
We are desperate to help nurse this girl back to health, so she has a chance at the life she always deserved.
Please donate as much or as little as you can. Thank you.