Appeal for new wildlife hospital

Appeal for new wildlife hospital

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Rescued wild life is now a very important part of our animal rescue work and not a day goes by without a call for help, ranging from pleas for injured swans and deer to orphan fledgling and tiny mammals needing feeding through the day and night.





During the winter we care for hedgehogs too small to survive hibernation and through the spring and summer we admit many suffering from strimmer injuries, traffic accidents, poisoning, (slugs are lethal) stuck in ring pulls, empty food cans and even tennis court nets.  Hedgehogs, the gardener's friend are on the verge of becoming a threatened species and we must do all we can to ensure their survival.




Our present housing is literally falling apart so we have to replace it, it will only survive at best one more winter.  Now is the time to do our best to build something which will last and help save many more lives.

The building will be a little different, depending entirely on how much our supporters donate.  We hope to include pens for water birds both dry and with access to water, a treatment room and theatre so that wild creatures no longer have to share out vet unit with domestic animals which is not at all ideal. 

A small animal area where hedgehogs and other small mammals can be safe and warm, a food preparation area, plus aviaries and outside pens where the larger animals and birds can recuperate.

We are caring for 117 hedgehogs over winter to be released in April, making a total of 1537 animals re-homed or released. Unfortunately many of the rescued wildlife were found on the road  injured and needed to be put out of their pain but at least we gave them a peaceful end. 

The bird total included 22 owls and raptors.

Please help us.

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Sponsor a rescue cat Gavin£10.00

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Sponsor a rescue horse Angus£10.00

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