Date of Birth:  2016
Breed:  N. Dwarf / Rex
Sex:  Female
Colour:  Brown/black
To live with other animals:  Yes, Neutered, vaccinated male rabbit
Neutered:  Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Microchipped:  Yes

Beatrice is the sweetest little lady who sadly came to us in a very bad state. She had severe hair loss on her feet and ears. She also had big scabs and very dry skin. She has been on a full treatment for mites, been fully vaccinated, neutered and is now fully recovered and looking so much better.

The day after Beatrice arrived. Her feet and ears were almost completely bald and her ears full of scabs.
She is like a completely different rabbit now.

Beatrice was incredibly nervous and scared when she came to us, having always lived alone in a small hutch, she wasn't used to so much space and interaction.

After weeks of spending calm, quiet time with her (and lots of freshly cut willow branches!) she has turned into the most gentle, loving rabbit who would happily sit having head strokes for hours.

Beatrice is a very unique mixed breed, possibly Netherland dwarf x Rex. She is a lot smaller than 'average' rabbits.

Beatrice is looking for a calm, neutered male rabbit to be bonded with.