Blanco, Pablo and Chappo

Blanco, Pablo and Chappo

Age (Years):  2 Years 6 Months
Breed:  Degus
Sex:  Males
Colour:  Brown, Blanco is Brown/White
Neutered:  No

Blanco, Pablo and Chappo


These three sweet boys are looking to find their forever home together where they can spend time building their confidence and having fun in their forever home.

These boys love playing on their wheel and love taking turns on having a go! They enjoy spending time gnawing on toys and building lots of cozy nests.

These boys came in quite shy and have been building their confidence slowly with the staff, this would need to continue in the home, they don't particularly like being handled, so will need time to bond with their new owner and work on this. Out of the three Blanco is the most confident and will happily come over and take some food from you.


Blanco does have cataracts, which has been caused by diabetes. Diabetes is fairly common with degus who have had access to inappropriate food such as sugary fruits and treats. We have and will want any new owner to be strict with their diets, only allowing Degu appropriate food.