Date of Birth:  10.10.20
Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier
Weight:  10.3 Kg
Sex:  Male
Colour:  White mostly
Housetrained:  Kennel Clean
Destructive:  No
Good with dogs:  No
Good with cats:  No
To live with other animals:  No
To live with older children?  18 Years Plus
To live with younger children:  No
Neutered:  Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Microchipped:  Yes



Bob, a young Jack Russell with complex needs, needing a very special owner who is willing to take on a big responsibility in building a bond and creating a happy environment where both Bob and you can flourish.

Recently we rehomed Bob and sadly it didn’t work out, what Bob showed in the Kennel environment here at PACT and what he showed in the home were two different versions of Bob, and so going forwards we know more about how we can help Bob and what type of owner/home he will need.

Bob is very untrusting of people, if he doesn’t know you, he would rather you left him be, push him to far and he shows himself to be fear reactive. Bob needs an owner who is willing to work with Bob at his speed and help him build his confidence up in them and create a bond.

Bob is an extremely intelligent dog; he knows his basics and so much more. Bob is extremely quick to learn, happy and wanting to learn. Bob really benefits from mental stimulation and activities such as lick mats, kongs and puzzle feeders to slow him down and help him settle.

In his previous home Bob found it hard to settle, he was on constant alert, constantly attention seeking and constantly wanting his owners to play ball with him. Bob needs an owner who is happy to provide Bob with mental and physical exercises to help use his brain and also help teach Bob to settle. Bob is crate trained at night and would happily settle in the comfort of his crate if a blanket was over it. Bob however wouldn’t settle in his crate during the day.

Bob is looking for a quiet home with no one under the age of 18 present, he requires a calm, peaceful home, with minimal guests whilst he is settling in (Please note it can take some dogs up to 3 months to settle fully). Bob seems to bond quicker with men than women but is happy to go to anyone of any sex once they have built a bond. Bob can be territorial of his home, the post man being a big trigger and guests- this will need to be worked on in the home.

In the home Bob is house trained and will let you know when he needs to go to the loo.

Bob even once the bonding has started to happen can have some fear responses such as if you move to fast, he can give you a grumble, he has previously bitten the people he was rehomed too. Even floaty clothes can be a trigger to Bob. Bob is fear reactive, so its about building his confidence with everyday life and helping him excel in an ever-fast pace growing world.

Bob has been known to be destructive of his bedding and pillows/cushions in the home, this we believe is caused by overarousal.

Bob isn’t good with other dogs, and is dog reactive, you can struggle to get his attention back when he goes into that state of mind, so its important to learn his signs and help him before it reaches the stage of being reactive.

Bob loves to run and play, he can only come off in secure field areas, his own home garden will need to be 6ft as Bob is an extremely good jumper!

Bob is a very sweet lad, once you have built your bond with him, he loves to come over for a cuddle, he loves to train and to play. He has a very soft side under all his fear. He just needs someone to see him for the sweet but scared dog he is and give him a chance. Could that be you?

We recommend anyone interested in rehoming Bob has knowledge or are happy to use a recommended by PACT behaviourist.