Brave Benson

Brave Benson

When Benson arrived at PACT

Sweet Benson was the subject of one of our recent appeals. He came in aged ten with multiple health issues and we needed help with the cost of his treatment. He had severe untreated dry eye which had left him blind in one eye, a cataract in the other, problems with his ears, skin and teeth. He had a large lump on his back, was underweight and entire with an enlarged prostate.

He was started on treatment immediately and once he was fed a nutritious diet soon began to gain weight. Once he was well enough he had his first operation where he was castrated, had his ears cleaned, a polyp removed from one ear, the lump on his back removed and a sample sent off to the lab. When Benson had sufficiently recovered from the first lot of surgery he was then ready for the second lot which was to remove his troublesome eye and to give his teeth a good clean and polish.
In spite of this difficult start with us Benson had recovered amazingly well. Dogs never cease to amaze us with their resilience, Benson had remained a happy affectionate boy throughout all his troubles and come out the other side happy and healthy.

We are proud of our amazing veterinary team, our hardworking kennel team and of course Benson who throughout everything he went through remained the sweetest lad ever.
It's rescues like this that tear you down - seeing how a nation of dog lovers could allow their pet to become so unhealthy but soon build you up when you also see the amazing community that pulled together, donated towards his many of vet bills so that we were able to give Benson his life back.
Thank you to everyone who donated towards Bensons care, without you we couldn't do what we do.
Please please continue to support us here at PACT, unfortunately Bensons story isn't a one off.