Age (Years):  5 years
Breed:  Staffie x boxer
Sex:  Female
Colour:  Beige with flecks
Housetrained:  Semi
Destructive:  No
Good with dogs:  Yes
Good with cats:  Yes
To live with other animals:  No
To live with older children?  Yes
To live with younger children:  8 years plus
Neutered:  Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Microchipped:  Yes

Coco bean is looking for her 5* forever home! Could it be yours?
This is Coco, a 5year old staffie, boxer cross.
Coco came into the sanctuary in a very sorry state but with the combination of care and attention from our kennel & veterinary staff, Coco is now ready to find her forever home.
Coco was very nervous and insecure when she arrived but when she saw she had nothing to fear at the sanctuary, her confidence grew day by day.
Coco has become the most wonderful, gentle dog who thrives on human attention. She is very much a people dog and would definitely be more suited to someone who was home the majority of the time.
Coco is a sociable dog and can be homed with another. She can be quite playful and enjoys a ball game. She seems OK around cats here at the sanctuary and can be homed with sensible, dog savy children, aged 8+.
Unfortunately, Coco is a little incontinent, potentially as a result of a previous untreated urinary infection, but this is managed with simple medication. As we cover existing health issues, we will continue to provide these meds. Linked to this issue, Coco will also need to remain on a urinary specific diet.