Breed:  Greyhound X
Age (Years):  5 yrs (DOB 9/13)
Sex:  Male
Housetrained:  Yes
Destructive:  No
Good with other dogs:  Yes
Good with cats:  No
To live with older children?  16+
To live with younger children:  No
To live with other animals:  Unknown
In PACT due to:  Marital split


Ben is a lovely friend dog who has been very well trained.  He is lightening quick with his responses to commands.  However, he is highly excitable and he needs a calm but firm hand. 

He is extremely intelligent and this combined with his high energy levels means he is definitely not suitable for a first-time owner. 

His personality and drive are far more collie than greyhound and would benefit from regular work possibly ability scent work, canix, tracking or similar.  He would suit an active person who possibly works from home or a couple who work different shifts so they can keep him entertained, he will definitely  not be happy left alone for long periods.  Caution is need with Ben as he unfortunately can be aggressive around food but the Kennel team have worked really hard with him and he is showing a big improvement, however it would be best if he wasn’t allowed in food preparation or storage areas because as yet he isn’t reliably calm in these.

  If you think you could offer Ben a home please contact the sanctuary in the first instance on 01362 820775 or email us.