Donation to feed birds and fowl

Donation to feed birds and fowl

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 Feed the birds

Just three of the many birds saved with the help of supporters donations.

PACT animal charity sanctuary has many different birds. PACT animal sanctuary is often asked to take in birds, wild and domestic, including ducks, geese, and chickens.

When visiting this magical place you will be greeted by geese, ducks and many other species all  going about their business.  The geese make the gestapo look tame when they are in 'Lets frighten the visitors' mode.

Many of those rescued birds are from battery and intensive factory farming situations whilst others, particularly the cockerels have committed the grave sin of annoying the neighbours. The boys will insist on exercising their right to noisily claim their territory at unsociable (for us humans that is). Animals don't get ASBOS they just pay with their life!

Chickens and cockrels scurry about and beautiful peacocks walk majestically down the different paths or perch up on the roofs of the outbuildings.  There is a calm and yet busy feel about the place and a feeling of sanctuary for both human and beast.

A donation toward the cost of their feed would be a great help.