Donation to feed horses and ponies

Donation to feed horses and ponies

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PACT has 4 horses and 16 ponies.  All are permanent residents because of health, age or temperment problems. Without the support of the public we would not be able to keep these lovely creatures.  They enjoy treats such as carrots some hard food such as sugar beet as well as their supplements and hay. Feeding these animals costs a lot of money so we are appealing for donations towards their upkeep.

Harry, Thor and Naboo are our latest equine rescues.



Harry, a pretty little chestnut pony, was discovered in an appalling condition living in an old shed when a kind couple moved into temporary accommodation whilst their house was repaired after a flood. Imagine the horror when investigating what it was that kept attracting their dog at the bottom of the garden, the couple found an abandoned pony. After much vet treatment and TLC Harry turned into a real prince charming and his owner having been tracked down agreed to hand Harry over to his new carers. Of course they could not care for him on a permanent basis as a normal sized back garden is not a really suitable home for a pony. All the other horse sanctuaries were full having taken in many welfare cases during the recession so PACT once again came to the rescue.


Thor, a beautiful cream dun 17 year old Highland x Connemara was threatened with death when the person who had him on loan for riding no longer wanted him, and his owner, having recently had two children, no longer had the facilities, money or time to care for him. Once again other sanctuaries were approached and all avenues tried but to no avail, and in desperation PACT was asked for help. When we collected Thor we agreed to also take Thor's little friend, Naboo, a very pretty two year old Welsh x Shetland pony.

 Horse and pony playing in the snow

Horses and ponies are very expensive to keep and they have to be tested for strangles, a potentially fatal illness which we do not want to risk passing on to the rest of our herd. Please can you help to fund our work with equines.