Breed  DLH
Sex  Female
Colour  Tabby
Good with dogs  No
Good with cats  Older calm cats
To live with other animals  Yes
To live with younger children  No, adult only home
Neutered  Yes
Vaccinated  Yes
Microchipped  Yes
Type of home required  Quiet, adult only, someone home a lot of the time

Edith must be an indoor only cat.

Edith has a suspected congenital brain malformation, meaning she needs a very special home with very willing owners.

Edith is an incredibly sweet, friendly little cat who loves to be around people. She loves to sit and cuddle and will happily laze across your legs, soaking up all the love.

Due to Edith's condition, she needs a home with hard wipe-able floors as she can be prone to accidents.

Edith thrives off routine and consistency. Food, litter trays, beds etc must remain in a consistent spot so she can learn to find them. Edith has Hills science plan biscuits that are soaked in warm water for meals. 

Edith can't process "cause and effect" - She's been known to dart upstairs but then cannot come back down again. Any potential owners will need to be patient as she may be disorientated to begin with - she will take time to settle into any new area.

Edith can use a litter tray but it must have low sides and no lid/covered as she will not be able to get in it. 

Her brain can't process sensory input well, meaning she can get sensory overload. Because of this she needs a home with no children or dogs. She can live with older calm cats however. She also likes having a radio on.

Edith can be talkative.

Occasionally she may need a bath if she has wandered through her toileting, Edith is well behaved and will happily sit in the bath to be cleaned. She enjoys a groom as well.

Edith is currently being monitored with a camera to analyse her activity.

We have trialled a few different set ups with Edith. She seems to thrive in a smaller, familiar environment and is coming on leaps and bounds with using her litter tray. When we move her to a larger room she regresses so we feel a smaller room would be ideal for her in her new home. She would be suited to an owner who has lots of patience to help her flourish and learn. She would be suited to someone who isn't away from the home for long periods of the day as she thrives on attention and being able to explore larger areas safely. She will be an indoor only cat.