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Farm Appeal PACT Sanctuary

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There are 4 areas we need help with

Farm Land Appeal

£10 buys 3 square metres

£100 buys 30 square metres


Donations over £100 will be acknowledged on a plan of the site in your name or in memory of a loved one.

Please leave any instructions in the gift message box with regard to the name on the certificate and/or the site plan.

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Earlier this year we received a cruel blow.  We have for the last few years rented grazing nearby from a farming friend of PACT and thought that we would be able to use this land forever. Sadly earlier this year we learned that the local estate had not renewed the farmer's lease and both he and PACT would have to vacate the land by the end of September. Panic set in and with a real crisis hitting the horse population, as owners are struggling with ever rising cost, we knew that we just had to find more land.

Benny when he came to us

Benny now
Credit for image  Neil Fortescue
Equestrian Photography

We could manage short term with our grazing at River Farm but we would not be able to rescue any more large animals. To be able to take proper care of our animals any grazing we use has to be close by, dry with natural shade and shelter. Land in this area is rarely available either to rent or buy but every cloud has a silver lining and after searching and talking to every local landowner and agent we found the most beautiful field seventeen acres.  The owner was willing to sell but negotiations have taken all summer.

Although we have finally agreed terms we now need to finance the purchase, pay for suitable stock fencing, water supply, feed stores and shelters  A tall order but possible with the help of you our supporters.

Please help us to save more horses, goats, sheep and pigs by giving to our new farm appeal.