Feed Rescued Birds and Waterfowl

Feed Rescued Birds and Waterfowl

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 Feed the birds

Baby swallow being hand fed

We are often asked to take in birds, wild and domestic. These include ducks, geese, and chickens.

In the summer months we take in on average 15 fledgling birds a day, often disturbed by gardeners or injured by other animals.

Many of our rescued chickens are from battery and intensive factory farming situations whilst others, particularly the cockerels, have committed the grave sin of annoying the neighbours. The boys will insist on exercising their right to noisily claim their territory at unsociable times (for us humans that is).

Chickens and cockrels roam about and our beautiful peacocks walk majestically down the different paths or perch up on the roofs of the outbuildings.


Next to our wildlife hospital we have an area of woodland containing a large pond. This pond is extremely important in the rehabilitation process of our water fowl species as it acts as a ‘soft-release’ sight. Birds such as ducklings, geese and swans are released onto this area when they are ready to go back to the wild. It helps them to regain strength whilst still being fed daily and closely monitored before they fly off themselves or are released elsewhere by our wildlife team.

Not only is it used for soft release purposes it also inhabits some of our disabled swans and their mate who both or one of which has long term wing issues. They now stay as residents who we care for each day with the freedom to swim and roam as they please.


Though the pond was designed for our wildlife casualties, that doesn’t stop others choosing to visit. We see many other wild species on the pond such as moor hens and herons.

Duckling eating grass