Feral Cats

Pact always has lots of feral cats looking for homes. Some will become loving pets, others need country homes where they can live a natural life but be fed regularly and have their medical needs attended to.

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These beautiful cats are worthy of a place of their own and to be free to live as they wish.


Semi-feral / Farm cats – release program

We have several cats that came into us as nervous/shy stray cats that have shown semi-feral/feral farm cat traits. We feel  they would benefit rehoming as outside cats with a barn, stable or outhouse type sleeping quarter and once settled would be allowed to roam freely returning to their sleeping quarters for shelter and food. These cats will most likely be good hunters and would be happy being allowed to do their own thing around the property, returning to sleep in the area they settled in originally. 

If you have a large garden in a rural setting with outhouses, small holding, stables, type setup you may be able to help by giving them a forever home to enjoy. Initially you would need to set up a lockable safety door entrance to the room that you were settling them into so that they wouldn’t escape before they had settled and learnt that this room is their safe area in their new home. The safety entrance would need to be made of mesh, so that they could see out and smell the aromas of their new home/garden.  They would need a minimum settling in period of 6 weeks before they are allowed out of the room.  Once they were allowed out, we would advise leaving the door open and still provide them with food and water inside the room.  They then have a chance to settle into the garden and shelter and fully adapt to living a casual farm cat lifestyle overseen by a loving carer.



Sabrina came to us a year ago as a stray, found on farmland and kept in a shed until she came into the sanctuary. We estimate this pretty torti girl to be three to four years old. She has been bloodtested, vaccinated and neutered ready for rehoming. Sabrina is very nervous and needs a quiet home where she can settle and find her confidence. Because she will be living as an outdoor cat with her bed and feeding point within a shed/stable type set up, other pets and children will not be a problem, as long as she is given time to establish herself in her safe area prior to releasing onto your yard.




Thora originally came to us in 2011 as a two year old neutered feral cat. After two years in the cattery we decided to release her on the sanctuary but she decided there were too many cats wanting to share her food and bed that she moved in with a neighbouring resident who had lots of outbuildings. She lived happily with them until they moved last year, and then they returned her to us, as they couldn’t take her with them. We ideally need to find her a new home away from the sanctuary so that she doesn’t try to return to the neighbouring property as the concern is the new owners wouldn’t want her living in their barn.  Do you live in a rural setup with outhouses or barns for Thora to play and relax in?




Alice is a two year old tabby girl who was found in a poorly state in a barn early last year.  She had sore eyes and wasn’t coping very well and once caught she was brought to us to help her. Alice was a nervous girl with a few behavioural issues; she was scared of people and has food aggression. With time and patience from our cattery staff she now allows them to make a fuss of her and she’s no longer aggressive around food. She will be better suited as an outdoor cat with supported living/feeding arrangements, and therefore would be suitable for the semi-feral release program, rather than being an indoor/family cat.  We believe once she has settled into a relaxing garden/farm type environment she will be happier co-existing alongside her family and other animals living on site, as long as she is monitored to ensure she’s eating properly.


Elsie and Erica

Elsie-semiferal-farm-cat-release-program-PACT-animal-sanctuary    Erica-semiferal-farm-cat-release-program-PACT-animal-sanctuary

Elsie and Erica are two year old semi ferals who came to us in January 2017 as very scared 5 month old kittens, Erica is a torti and Elsie a semi longhaired black. They haven’t adapted to cattery life very well and hide away in their dome beds when visitors visit. With time and patience they will learn to trust their humans, and as their confidence grows they will no longer hide but enjoy the company of people and other animals. Do you have space, time and patience to help these lovely pair adapt to a family and outdoor living?


Lucy and Wilma


These two lovely girls came in separately and have been living together since they have been in the cattery. Lucy is black and estimated born in 2006; she came in as a scared stray. Wilma, black and white, born 2013/14 was found pregnant and scared in a taped up box. She gave birth shortly after arriving but one of her four babies sadly died. The other three were healthy and were rehomed. With all the stress and trauma that Wilma has endured she takes time to learn to trust people. We would love to be able to rehome these girls together into a rural location where they can enjoy the warmth of the sun and find the confidence to play outside.

Ideally we would love to be able to rehome these girls in pairs but would consider rehoming the single cats above individually, subject to your setup and the other pets you have already. The bonded pairs must go together. Our cattery and office staff will be happy to discuss the type of housing required and give advice before and during the settling in process, as with all our rehomings we reserve pending a homecheck and once you take them home we are only a phone call away if you need further advice. After all we want them to be in forever homes.


Please contact the PACT Animal sanctuary on 01362 820775 or contact us here.