Fred and George

Fred and George

Age (Years):  1 Year 4 Months
Sex:  Males
Colour:  George- Brown Fred- White and Grey

You guys aren't ready to meet these two!!!


Fred and George are two stunning rats looking to find their forever home together!!

Fred and George came into the sanctuary with some health issues. Fred was obese, weighing over 700g, he was the most overweight rat we had seen in a good few years! We started him on a diet and he has been consistently losing weight. He is now at a much healthier weight and so he is now on a maintenance diet.

George was much slimmer than Fred and was thought to have kidney issues as he was excessively thirsty and loosing weight. We quickly identified that he has diabetes, and began treating him with insulin injections. His weight has increased and he isn't drinking as much as he did on intake. We are still working on his insulin dosing, so a potential home would ideally need to be close enough to the sanctuary to bring him in for regular checks. The new home would also need to be prepared to do his injections twice daily after getting guidance from our veterinary staff. The injections are under the skin and George is very well behaved.

Its very important that in the new home George dosen't get any sugary treats, he can however enjoy veg and eggs etc. Currently George is on 10g of nuggets twice daily and these are giving separately from Fred as they have different diet needs. Fred is on 8g of food twice daily with the main to keep him maintaining weight around 540g to 550g. Fred can also enjoy veg and eggs etc but again no sugary treats.


George is Mr. confident, he is very friendly, cheeky happy boy who loves to explore and have a big cuddle! Fred on intake was more timid and would run away when we came up to the enclosure but he is now so much more confident and will come over to the door of the enclosure to get a cuddle and see you. 


These boys truly are little gems, they have the kindest personalities and the biggest of hearts and we would love o see them in a wonderful forever home.

Could it be your?