Date of Birth  Approx 2023
Sex  Female
Good with dogs  No
Good with cats  No
To live with older children?  Yes, 8 Years Plus
To live with younger children  No
Neutered  Yes
Vaccinated  Yes
Microchipped  Yes

Introducing Georgia, a resilient Bengal girl with a heart of gold, who found her way to PACT after a devastating accident that resulted in the amputation of her right forelimb.
Despite facing adversity, Georgia has shown incredible strength and resilience, adapting well to life on three legs while under the care of a loving foster carer.

Georgia is an affectionate and cuddly cat, but she may need some time to adjust to new surroundings and people, as her past experiences have left her feeling nervous.
Being a Bengal, she's quite vocal and would thrive in a home where her owner is present often to provide companionship and reassurance.

Due to her special needs, Georgia is seeking a quiet home environment where she can live as an indoor cat or have access to a catio or fully enclosed garden. She's not fond of other animals and can easily become stressed during her recovery, so she's looking for a home where she can be the sole pet and receive all the love and attention she deserves.

If you're interested in adopting Georgia, please fill out our adoption form here.

Thank you for being interested in giving one of our cats a loving home.

Our rehoming requirements are below:

  • All existing animals in the home must be neutered and vaccinated (where appropriate)
  • You must be prepared to take out pet insurance to cover any unforeseen accidents or illnesses.
  • You must be prepared to vaccinate annually and keep up to date with flea and worm treatments.
  • We will consider rehoming cats to flats under certain circumstances – outdoor cats to ground floor flats with access to a private garden - indoor cats to flats without private garden size dependant.
  • We will not rehome to busy roads such as A and B roads or regularly used main roads – suitability of location is at our discretion. We will consider properties with catios and cat proof gardens
    (see examples below)
  • You will be required to visit your chosen cat at the sanctuary.
  • All members of the household will be required to visit your chosen cat/s.
  • You must be prepared to sign a foster agreement that outlines our terms and conditions
Rehoming fees:
All costs below are a minimum requested donation. This is to help cover our costs.
All cats are neutered (kittens are booked in with us when old enough) vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea/worming treatments.

Cats Under 10 years - £90.00
Cats 10 years+  £60.00

Examples of 'catios'

Examples of 'cat proof' garden