Hamster Requirements

Many shop bought hamster cages are just too small for our beloved hamsters! Could you imagine living your life stuck in one small space? We couldn't and that's why we say No to shop bought cages!

We believe Hamsters should have space to exhibit all their natural behaviour, which is why our rehoming guildlines follow the 'Veterinary Association For Animal Welfare' which states Hamsters enclosures should be a minimum of 100cm x 50cm. 


The ideal set up is handmade, with three wooden sides, and one made of perspex to view the hamster, with a wooden/mesh lid. See below to see our very own handmade cage made by the lovely Anne who is head of Small Animals here at PACT. 

The cage should have lots of enrichment, a wheel which is minimum 11 inches for syrians, Dust bath, Digging space etc


To Buy (These are the only ones we recommend that are shop bought)-

Pawhut Wooden 1

Pawhut Wooden 2

Pawhut Wooden 3