Harry, William, Rocket and Pabu

Harry, William, Rocket and Pabu
Harry, William, Rocket and PabuHarry, William, Rocket and PabuHarry, William, Rocket and Pabu

Age (Years):  2 Years
Sex:  3 Males, 1 Female
Neutered:  Yes
Microchipped:  Yes

Harry, Willam, Rocket and Pabu

These four gorgeous ferrets all arrived under their ideal weights, but since being at PACT we have got them to a healthy maintained weight.

William went from 760g to a very healthy 1Kg in just a few weeks. William was also completely bald from the top of his head to the nape of his neck, this was explained due to over grooming by his friend Pabu. He was also found to have a a severe mite problem which we have since treated, along with the others, and within a few days his hair started to grow back. We are really pleased to say he now has a full head of hair and looks beautiful.

Harry is the lighter polecat of the group and is a friendly lad who enjoys cuddles and playtime.

Pabu is the sandy female ferret, who can be quite unpredictable and nip but is super playful.

Rocket the male polecat is a friendly, cuddly playful lad.

And William the cream ferret is a friendly lad that is cuddly but is often 'too busy' to stop and cuddle as he has more important things to do! 

These four need to be rehomed together as they are the absolute best of friends.