Hattie and Ester

Hattie and Ester

Age (Years):  2013
Breed:  Domestic Short Hairs
Sex:  Females
Colour:  Torties
Housetrained:  Yes
Good with dogs:  No
Good with cats:  No
To live with other animals:  No
To live with older children?  Yes
To live with younger children:  No
Neutered:  Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Microchipped:  Yes
Type of home required:  Rural

Hattie and Ester are looking for a forever home together, ideally in a rural area where they can safely explore!

Ester is the Tortie with the dark nose and Hattie has the paler nose. Both are very friendly once settled but can take a bit of time to learn to trust us humans. They both like to be groomed and will Ester will even dribble when she's super happy!