Hettie and Alfie

Hettie and Alfie

Date of Birth  Hettie 20/08/21 Alfie 16/04/22

Alfie – tri coloured

Hettie – white Rex cross

When Alfie and Hettie came into us they were living separately as Alfie wasn’t neutered. He was extremely timid and spent all his time hiding away in his favourite tunnel. We have spent a lot of time handling Alfie which has helped enormously with his confidence.  Once neutered we bonded him with Hettie. The two love living together and enjoy nothing more than eating hay and treats together.

As the more confident guinea pig, Hettie has continued to help bring Alfie out of his shell.

Both like to be handled and will happily be hand feed treats.

They would need to be the only guinea pigs in the home


All rehoming emails must come via only.
Your email MUST include-
- Full Name
- Contact number
- Full Address
- Who you are interested in? (Please include their name and what animal, we often have a few with the same names!)
- A bit about yourself and your lifestyle (e.g. your work patterns, do you go away a lot)
- Do you have other pets? Include what they are, ages, are they neutered? vaccinated?
- Children in the home or visiting? how old are they?
Small animals - We need photos of your enclosure and full measurements.

Thank you for being interested in giving one of our guinea pigs a loving home! Please see our requirements below.

Rehoming fees: All costs are a minimum requested donation. This is to help cover our costs. All males are castrated before rehoming. We do not spay our females unless medically necessary.

Guinea Pigs £20.00

Outdoor Guinea Pigs

If planning to keep your guinea pigs outdoors, they will need a secure, weather proof enclosure.
For 2 guinea pigs we recommend a minimum enclosure size of 5ft wide x 2ft deep if single tier or a minimum of 5ft wide x 2ft deep if double tier. Any ramps must have a safety barrier fitted.
Hutches are often very expensive, do not last long and are not ideal for piggies - converted sheds/playhouses with runs attatched or custom build hutches are just a couple more suitable options.


They must have a secure run for exercise on the grass. The run must be at least 4ft x 4ft x 2ft high and be predator proof with a secure top on it. Guinea pigs must never be left out in this run overnight.

Guinea pigs are very sensitive to the weather, if it is too hot, cold, wet or windy for them to go out then they will require an indoor exercise area.


Indoor guinea pigs

Guinea pigs make wonderful indoor pets and will give you more opportunities to bond with them.
We ask that you choose a quiet place in your home away from windows and radiators (where they could overheat or be caught in a draft.) They would need a large predator proof enclosure; a large indoor rabbit type cage would be a good choice.
We also recommend c&c cages.

They must also have a secure run for exercise on the grass. This run must be at least 4ft x 4ft x 2ft high and be predator proof with a secure top on it.

All Guinea Pigs should at least be in pairs.
We do not rehome males in pairs unless they have been brought up together and show no dominace issues whilst at the sanctuary.
If you have a lone male, we would only feel happy rehoming a female to you, as long as your male was neutered.

Guinea pigs must never be kept in garages or out buildings where vehicles are stored and there is no natural light.

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