In Memory of Teddy

In Memory of Teddy

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We have some very sad news regarding our much loved Teddy. Although his operation and treatment by the Animal Health Trust had been a complete success and we were hopeful that now Teddy was pain free he would find his loving forever home, sadly this was not to be. Our darling boy started to show signs of feeling ill again and he was rushed to the Animal Health Trust for further investigation.

They and we were totally shocked to discover that Teddy had now developed a very aggressive cancer affecting his liver and spleen. There had been no sign of this until a few days before his emergency appointment and although it was diagnosed quickly there was no treatment to cure Teddy this time, and so we reluctantly agreed that we had to resign ourselves and allow him to pass to Rainbow Bridge. Unfortunately we do still have to pay for Teddy's treatment and we are extremely grateful for the donations we have received towards those costs.

As you can see from his photos Teddy at least knew love and happy times during his short stay with us and we feel that he would have wished for other poor dogs suffering terrible cruelty in his native Romania to have that chance of happiness. With that in mind we have set up a fund in his memory to help other Romanian rescue dogs come to PACT and be given the love and care that he knew with us.


The first dog to benefit from dear Teddy’s legacy is Linda, a beautiful gentle Dalmation crossbreed, now eleven years old, who has lived at a shelter in Romania since being a puppy and until last April spent all of her life on a short chain.

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Please give generously to the Teddy Memorial Fund.

In this way Teddy will live on.


Read Teddy's story here








Teddy's story

A very special dog who found happiness for such a short time

At 18 months old Teddy a Carpathian Shepherd had been living rough on the streets of Romania for most of his short and miserable life. Small for his breed due to malnourishment he was used to fending for himself and who knows what abuse he has suffered at the hands of man. As many of you know we have supporters who heard of the Romanian dogs plight and wanted to help us help them. We have separate funds donated solely for this purpose, no donations given for the Sanctuary itself is used for this work.
Sponsorship was raised in Romania for Teddy’s transportation costs and we were asked to help this desperate boy. On arrival at PACT we were met by a very emotionally and physically damaged boy and it took a lot of quiet patience, food treats and understanding to gain his trust. Unfortunately it soon became obvious that Teddy’s physical problems were caused by something very wrong with his body and not just by scavenging to keep him from starvation. He had trouble passing faeces and would often go days without being able to relieve himself. When he finally did he would cry in pain only managing to pass small amounts at any time or suffering from awful diarrhoea when the daily medication given to him finally worked.

We had to do something and risk obliterating his trust in his selected circle of ‘friends’ to get him through a barrage of test, injections, manual bowels evacuations, scans, medications and x-rays. For this he was referred to The Animal Health Trust at Newmarket and they have been excellent with his care and done their best to get him through with the minimum of stress as he wasn’t the easiest of patients! They treated him with kindness, respect and understanding and between us we managed to get to the crux of his problems.   Teddy was found to have tail and anal damage. His tail had been so badly damaged that the top of it was fused together and he was unable to lift it sufficiently to clear his anal passage. Together with a very small anal passage and a ‘kinked’ bowel it was no wonder he was in so much difficulty and pain.

After investigations and surgery Teddy had surgery to remove all of his tail, his usually shaggy coat shaved and a large scar and stitches running up his back. But his whole bum wagged when he saw his special people and we knew he was feeling better.  In time we could see that the surgery had worked and he was healing slowly in mind and body, gradually regaining his faith in humans.

Teddy was the most awesome dog we have had the pleasure of dealing with. He was responsive, fun and eager to please. He walked at heel off the lead, sat, rolled over, had a very fast recall and we were teaching him to play fetch! He loved to be cuddled and was happy to spend hours on his back having his belly rubbed. We in his inner circle knew Teddy as a warm, loving dog, who was extremely clean in his kennel and loved company. We hoped to find him a forever home.  Every dog deserves a chance of a happy life and although very sadly Teddy has not had that chance, with your help, perhaps another dog like him, can.