Drago the Lamb

Drago the Lamb

Drago the Soay lamb was born in April 2019 by a female sheep we had rescued from an RSPCA neglect case. He was one of twins. When he was born he was so weak and small, unable to keep up with his mum and sibling. Mum was starting to lose interest in him so we feared that if we didn’t intervene we would lose him, so we made the decision to take him on and between the staff, handrear him. Within a couple of days of bottle feeding he proved what a fighter he was, growing stronger every day.
As he grew older we re-introduced him to his flock mates but it soon proved that he would much rather spend his time with humans.
Nearly a year old and with lots of patience and perseverance he is now back living in the flock (although he still very much loves affection and his morning walks with his humans)
Drago is the friendliest, most gorgeous little lamb with the biggest character.
All the staff love him very much.