Age (Years):  6 Years
Breed:  Staff x Lurcher
Sex:  Female
Colour:  Brindle
Housetrained:  Yes
Destructive:  No
Good with dogs:  No
Good with cats:  No
To live with other animals:  No
To live with older children?  10 Years Plus
Neutered:  Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Microchipped:  Yes



Meet Maddison a Staffie cross Lurcher, who has had quite the journey since she came into PACT.

Maddison started her journey shut down, scared, and struggling with kennel life. In came Maisie a female dog who had previously lived with Maddison and out came Maddison’s personality.

Maisie gave Maddison her confidence again, but the longer the girls where together the more reactive Maddison became. Maddison was a highly strung mix of confidence with Maisie by her side but deep down a very anxious and insecure dog.


With time and training the kennel team found that Maddison was struggling, that being by Maisie was creating more of an issue then helping so the girls started having time to train separately, time to walk, play and be alone.

With that Maisie flourished and Maddison was able to have the one to one she needed, Maddison gained her confidence in her carers and more importantly in herself.


No longer was she the reactive dog at the end of the lead, she would walk to heal by your side, she opened up more, enjoyed cuddles and belly rubs, and loved her training.


Maddison has flourished and continues to do so, so for this reason we want to find Maddison a home where she can be the only dog, with no other pets and children 12 plus.


Maddison is house trained, is more confident with women than of men, and needs an owner who will continue to work with her on building her confidence and her focus.


Maddison’s dream is to find someone she can curl up on the sofa with, who will play ball and enjoy a good walk.