Mambo no 5

Mambo no 5
Mambo no 5Mambo no 5Mambo no 5

Breed:  Collie x German Shepherds
Sex:  4 Females, 1 Male
Good with dogs:  Yes
Neutered:  Too Young, to return once old enough
Vaccinated:  2nd vaccination due 7th June
Microchipped:  Yes

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Mambo No. 5"

Not your ordinary puppy.

Meet Dots puppies, lovingly known as the mambo 5!

Dots puppies are a mix of two herding breeds, the Border Collie and the German Shepherd. These dogs are "intelligent, athletic and ambitious" And require a home and owner with someone willing to dedicate their time and energy to them.

We have found with Dot if she's not kept busy, she could go rogue and occupy herself. We are looking for the best homes possible with someone who is willing to treat them like pets but also give them an outlet and a job to do. Such as, agility, flyball, scent work etc. As these dogs are from "workaholic breeds" and as such need stimulation.

The puppies-

"A little bit of Monica in my life,(Monica is now Reserved)

A little bit of Pamela by my side,

A little bit of Rita is all I need, (Rita is now Rehomed)

A little bit of Jessica is what I see,

A little bit of you makes me your man, mambo" (Mambo is now Rehomed)

Our puppies will be ready for rehoming on the 7th of June when they have their 12 week vaccination.

Recently "Canineology" posted a wonderful post on Herding breed dogs and we loved it so much we would like to quote them in saying " These guys can be incredible pets-but there's a good chance they may not be the best choice for a first time dog owner. You could think of them as a powerful sports car- not the best to learn to drive in!"

Each puppy is incredibly sweet, eager to learn and full of energy. If you think you could offer them a home please send us your details (from the list below)

Our requirements for rehoming a puppy are as follows:

All members of the household will need to visit your chosen puppy at least 2 times. (3 if you have existing dogs)

Any children in the household would need to be a minimum of 10 years of age and ideally have some experience of being around dogs.

You must have a secure private garden (minimum 6’ fencing) attached to your home. 

We do not rehome to flats or communal gardens.  

You will have to register your puppy into puppy classes and proof of this will be required.

Any existing pets must be neutered and vaccinated, proof of this will also be required.  

You must be prepared to take out pet insurance, this is to cover any unforeseen accidents or illnesses in your new pet’s life. The staff will be very happy to discuss this with you. 

We ask for a donation of £350 per puppy which includes microchipping, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment whilst in our care, and neutering when they are old enough. (They will need to be returned to the sanctuary to be neutered.)

We are expecting a high volume of applications, so we will be working on a first come first served basis matching a puppy to your lifestyle.


If you are interested in rehoming one of these beautiful puppies, please supply us with the following information and provide us with photos or ideally a video of any rooms in the house the puppy would have access to and most importantly, your garden in its entirety with focus on all fence lines and any gates.


  • Name
  • Full address
  • Contact number
  • Information about yourself and your lifestyle.
  • Do you have children/visiting children, and what are their ages?
  • Do you have any other pets?
  • What are your working patterns?
  • Why are you looking to rehome a puppy? Have you ever owned a puppy?
  • Do you have any experience in training dogs/puppies?
  • Do you have any breed experience (Collie/Shepherd). If so, please provide details.


This information with attached photos can be sent to

Please note, failure to supply us with all the required information and photos requested will result in your application not being successful.

If you do not hear back from us within one week unfortunately, we are sorry to say that your application will not have been selected.