Is there any such thing as a micro or teacup pig? Simple answer no there is not. Recently there has been much publicity about pigs being bred down in size as pets, and many horror stories of pigs being sold to live in totally unsuitable accommodation such as small estate houses and flats, growing too large for their homes and creating absolute mayhem.



To put the story straight, pigs can make wonderful companions, they are basically clean creatures, as long as they have the right facilities, are highly intelligent, and will live happily with humans. However they are gregarious creatures who should never be deprived of friends of their own species, if so deprived and kept in small indoor quarters they can become bored, destructive and even aggressive. Not an ideal house guest. Whether or not it is right for humans to interfere with nature and breed any animal to change in size or appearance, it does take many years to bring about these changes. The so called micro or tea pot pigs have not been through this necessary period and are therefore reverting to type and growing much larger than their owners expect.





Recently PACT was contacted by a lady who was very concerned about the welfare of a group of pigs being bred and sold as pet micro pigs. This particular breeder, Jane Croft of ‘Little Pigs’, is very good at marketing and a successful business woman; she has appeared on television and even sold pigs to well known celebrities. Little Pigs and other similar breeders guarantee to take back any pigs who are no longer wanted and find them new loving homes. Some also offer the same service to micro pigs not sold through them. People believe this and have sent their much-loved pets trusting that their pigs will find loving new homes.





However we worry that many of these lovely animals may be sent to the slaughterhouse. Based on this information staff from PACT visited Little Pigs and discovered many pigs living in poor conditions with insufficient shelter. There were around ninety pigs living on an area the same size as our pigpen where we keep only nine. Posing as potential customers we were able to save five pigs. Five more were rescued by another well-known Sanctuary, but sadly we cannot save them all. No home checks were carried out, and no interest was shown in their future welfare. In fact ‘Little Pigs’ only concern seemed to be making sure that the correct movement orders were completed as they had already been prosecuted by DEFRA.


No matter what their eventual fate, all animals have the right to freedom, comfort and shelter and to be cared for properly during their lifetime. People are being conned into believing wrongly that pigs can be bred to remain tiny and be suitable as house pets, and when this does go wrong that the animals they have grown to love will be rehomed to the right environment. They deserve to know the real truth.




This micro pig myth needs to be fully exposed and although there has been some media coverage no one seems to be interested in presenting the full facts. PACT would be interested in talking to anyone who has bought a micro pig that has remained micro. Contact us 01362 820775 or email