Mocha and Guinny

Mocha and Guinny

Age (Years):  2020
Breed:  Peruvian
Sex:  Males
Colour:  M- Dark Brown/White G- Cream
To live with other animals:  No
To live with older children?  Yes
To live with younger children:  Yes
Neutered:  Yes

Mocha and Guinny


Mocha and Guinny are two male Guinea pigs who are looking to find their forever home together.

Mocha is a stunning Dark brown/white longhaired born in 2020 and Guinny is a Beautiful longhaired cream who was also born in 2020.

Both boys are friendly and enjoy a cuddle, Guinny can be skittish when trying to handle at first.

Both boys require regular grooming, Mocha does sometimes nip whilst grooming.

Both boys enjoy their veggies and their hides.