Date of Birth:  05.2022
Breed:  Domestic Short Hair
Sex:  Male
Colour:  Ginger Tabby
Housetrained:  Yes, used to breeder celect cat litter and wood pellets
Good with dogs:  Yes
To live with other animals:  Yes
To live with older children?  Yes
To live with younger children:  Yes
Neutered:  Yes
Vaccinated:  Due second vacc 28th!
Microchipped:  Yes
Type of home required:  INDOOR ONLY WITH CATIO!
Health Issues?  Feline Herpes Virus



You may of seen our little Mogwai before when we appealed for help to cover the costs for his eye ointments.

Mogwai came into the sanctuary with a severe eye infection, they were swollen, sore and very gunky! After tests it was found that Mogwai was suffering from Feline Herpes Virus, after lots of eye ointments and many of vet visits we are pleased to say his eyes look good and he is ready to find his forever home!

Mogwai will always be a carrier for Feline Herpes Virus and as such cannot be rehomed with other cats, he can however be rehomed with dogs, other animals and children of all ages.

Mogwai may or may not have flare ups in the future, signs of this include snotty/runny nose, sneezing, cloudy eyes, sore eyes or eye discharge.


Mogwai is looking for an indoor only home with a catio as he has some scarring on his eyes/Herpes carrier.


Mogwai is a extrememly friendly, happy go lucky boy who adores a fuss, he will climb into your arms for a cuddle and purr like mad! He loves toys, playtime is always a must.


Mogwai will make an amazing addition to any family!