PACT Animal Appeal for Caesar Vet Bill

PACT Animal Appeal for Caesar Vet Bill
PACT Animal Appeal for Caesar Vet BillPACT Animal Appeal for Caesar Vet BillPACT Animal Appeal for Caesar Vet Bill

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Caesar needs your help



Poor little Caesar was involved in a road traffic accident and suffered a badly broken leg.

He was taken to the nearest veterinary surgery where it was discovered that he had been micro chipped but in spite of repeated efforts to contact his owners there was no response. Eventually a member of the veterinary team visited the dog's registered address but no-one was at home. Messages were left but still no owner came forward to claim Caesar or to pay for his medication. Eventually, as there was no-one else able to help him the vet contacted PACT and of course we agreed to help.



Just as Caesar was about to be transferred to our care his owner eventually came forward but sadly could not afford the very expensive repair to his leg. Caesar was signed over to the vet and transferred to the Sanctuary. At this stage some five days after his accident Caesar had only received first aid and pain relief as strays can only receive essential medication on welfare grounds until they are either claimed or have been unclaimed for seven days.



PACT immediately referred Caesar to our orthopaedic consultants who have operated and carried out an open reduction and internal stabilisation to his leg. Unfortunately the leg had become infected which is proving to be a problem as Caesar is resistant to the antibiotics used. He has been prescribed more antibiotics and is now responding well.

Caesar's veterinary fees so far are up to £3,500 and will be in excess
of £5,000 before he is well enough to lead a normal life


At only one year old it is very hard for this little chap to cope with cage rest for a few weeks but with your help Caesar will soon be able to run and play once more.

Caesar is a delightful affectionate cross bred dog who once well will be looking for a forever home with a quiet older family without other pets.

Every penny counts and we simply can’t do it without you.  Our ability to help Caesar and others like him depends on these donations.

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