PACT Animal Appeal Honey vet fees

PACT Animal Appeal Honey vet fees

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URGENT APPEAL for help with Honey's vet fees.

Honey is a 5yr old sharp pei who came into us after her stay with the dog warden. Sadly she was found straying and no one came forwards for her, with no where to go the dog warden signed her over to us.

Shar peis have been bred to have excessive, droopy skin folds which frequently causes health problems. Honey's biggest issue is a condition called entropion which is the turning in of her eyelids causing her eyelashes and surrounding hair to rub on the surface of her eye. This is a painful condition which can lead to eye ulcers and loss of sight. We will operate to remove the excess skin and hopefully save her eyesight and future suffering. She may need a series of operations to resolve the issue completely. While she is under general anaesthetic we will spay her at the same time. We can see from her skin that she has previously had chronic issues which will need veterinary care if it flares up in the future. Honey - in practice this would cost approx £500. Her allergic skin disease has flared up and will cost approximately £80/mth.

Please, please help us cover her vet fees and donate to this lovely friendly dog who just wants to be loved and feel comfortable.