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PACT Animal Appeal Noah vet fees

PACT Animal Appeal Noah vet fees
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A lovely lovely boy



NOAH  is a handsome German Shepherd, originally from Serbia where he was chained for seven long years as a guard dog in a scrapyard. He was eventually kicked out onto the street, hit by a car and left to die. He suffered a serious break in his hind leg which unfortunately was repaired badly resulting in total loss of use. 

He was caught by the dog catchers, and taken to the city kill shelter where was lucky to survive until he was rescued by a kind lady and kept in her shelter then brought to England. Sadly he could not settle with all of the other dogs in his new home. So PACT was asked to help. Despite his disability Noah is a happy dog but we would love to improve his mobility. Noah has been seen by top orthopaedic consultants and sadly there is nothing anyone can do to repair his leg as the damage is too severe therefore the only way to give him a better quality of life is to amputate the leg but before that he will need some treatment to the other hind leg. All very expensive but Noah really does deserve to be able to run and play. Noah already has a lovely forever home to go to once all the surgery has been carried out.



Good news, today Noah had a check-up following the amputation of his damaged hind leg and to discuss any follow up surgery, and his vet was so pleased with him. He is moving much better without having to carry his dead leg and is so happy. Simon (orthopaedic vet) feels that he is doing so well that we do not need to carry further surgery at this time although it may be necessary at some future date.



There is a little concern regarding his left fore which has also been having to work harder than it should, there may be some arthritis developing in his knee but again no need for surgery yet. Noah will need to be vet checked again in three months and be closely monitored until then. Vet fees will always be there but hopefully with your support Noah will receive the best treatment and continue with his happy and contented life for a good few years yet. All in all Noah's treatment has been very successful and we are so pleased that we have given Noah good quality of life and a future. His carers have done so well and Noah just could not be loved more or found a better home for the rest of his natural life. Thank you Vicki and Paul for loving Noah and for giving him such a good life, and thank you to all of our supporters for helping us to give Noah this well-deserved happy life. 


Noah has now had his first operation and is recovering well in his lovely new home, as you can see by these recent images. Already he feels and moves so much better without the weight of his dead leg. He will need to be seen by the orthopaedic vet sometime during May when the decision will be taken regarding further surgery to his remaining hind leg to make sure that he will remain mobile and active for the rest of his natural life.


So far Noah vet bills are in excess of £3500 and could increase by a further £2000, a lot of money but he is so worth it.

 Please could you help towards giving Noah the happy life he deserves?

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