PACT International Kennel Appeal

PACT  International Kennel Appeal

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PACT animal charity will, where possible, dispatch sponsorship packs in time for the dates requested but please order as early as possible.
Please be aware that it can take 7/14 days for sponsorship packs to be dispatched.

For a minimum donation of £36 per year or £3 as a monthly standing order we will keep regular donors involved with a twice yearly update and special report with photographs of dogs who have been saved plus an A4 laminated certificate for corporate sponsors and a photobook featuring our special rescues which you can show around to your friends and family or keep in your reception area for customers and colleagues to look through.

There are always too many dogs needing shelter and we never have enough space, which sadly means that we do have to turn some away. We do have a 'home from home' scheme which works well and many dogs find their new forever home without ever needing to be admitted to the Sanctuary.

From time to time however there are very special cases, dogs who desperately need our help to prevent further suffering or worse, and for these cases we do occasionally hire commercial boarding kennels. Not only is this an expensive way of saving lives but all too often when the need is most desperate the boarding kennels are at their busiest and there is literally no room at the Inn.

 Inspired by the 'Tia Fund' an appeal set up to help Tia and Casper two desperate Romanian dogs, we have negotiated  regular kennels at  local boarding kennels which will be always be available to save precious lives, dogs from this country or abroad.

We need private and corporate sponsors to go that extra mile and regularly contribute donations to pay for the kennel and rescue fees. THIS MUST BE IN ADDITION TO ANY DONATION YOU WOULD NORMALLY GIVE AS WE CANNOT JEOPARDISE THE WORK THAT WE ARE DOING ON A NORMAL DAILY BASIS.

The risks of death by accident, starvation or cruelty are very high in Romania and not many dogs come through unscathed. Please help these dogs by sponsoring our international kennels.

"In my years of being involved with animal welfare the situation in Romania is one of the worst that I have encountered and my natural instinct is to try to help these poor creatures. I am however aware of the huge number of dogs in our own country needing our help, therefore this special appeal will not affect our work with British dogs."

Thank you for caring.

Chris Rockingham Founder PACT Animal Sanctuary.


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