Date of Birth  2023
Breed  Chihuahua
Sex  Female
Good with dogs  Yes
Good with cats  No
To live with older children?  Yes
To live with younger children  8+
Neutered  Yes
Vaccinated  Yes
Microchipped  Yes

Peach is a gentle, affectionate, high-energy girl with a playful nature. She loves nothing more than a lap to curl up on and a cosy bed to share with her future owner. She came to us as one of 12 dogs rescued from terrible living conditions.

Whatever you are doing, Peach loves to be involved! Whether it is in the garden, cooking in the kitchen, or relaxing in the lounge, she is by your side. She isn't too keen on being left alone, so will need an owner willing to work with her to improve her separation anxiety.

Due to a lack of early socialisation, Peach can be quite reactive to loud noises and larger dogs. She loves to explore new environments! Peach walks beautifully in her harness and walks at a slower pace, allowing herself plenty of sniffing opportunities. Please bear in mind Peach will need further recall training before she can be safely let off the lead. Whilst undergoing recall training, she can visit secure exercise paddocks and ideally have access to a large garden for free running as she is very energetic.

At this time, Peach is not house-trained, but is making improvements. By being regularly let into the garden she is toileting less in the house. New owners will need to continue with this and allow her to go in the garden to see further improvements.

Peach can sometimes mistake things left out in the house as toys. Despite this, she does not chew any furniture and is not destructive. She loves playing with her toys and smaller tennis balls and is starting to get the hang of fetch!

In the home, Peach would prefer all of the attention. Although she hasnít shown any reactivity towards cats, she can become too excited in a playful manner in their presence which may spook them. For this reason, she would benefit from being the only pet in the home.

With the correct training Peach will be the perfect companion! She will require access to a private garden attached to the home within a minimum of 6ft fencing boundary and owners willing to keep up her training needs.

Dog Adoption Form

Thank you for being interested in giving one of our dogs a loving home.

Our rehoming requirements are below:

  • All existing animals in the home must be neutered and vaccinated (where appropriate)
  • Must be prepared to take out pet insurance to cover any unforeseen accidents or illnesses.
  • Must be prepared to vaccinate annually and keep up to date with flea and worm treatments.
  • You must have a private enclosed garden attached to your home.
  • Your garden must be secure with a minimum of 4ft to maximum of 6ft boundaries - this is dog specific.
  • We do not rehome to flats or homes with communal gardens.
  • You will be required to visit your chosen dog a minimum of 3 times to allow us to assess if you are a suitable match.
  • All members of the household will be required to visit your chosen dog/s.
  • You must be prepared to sign a foster agreement that outlines our terms and conditions.

Rehoming fees:
All costs below are a minimum requested donation. This is to help cover our costs.
All dogs are neutered (puppies are booked in for neutering with us when old enough), vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea/worming treatments.

Dogs under 1 year - £350.00
Dogs 1 year-12 years £300.00
Dogs 12 years+ £250.00