Pet Christmas Jumper Day

Pet Christmas Jumper Day

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Introducing PACT's Pet Christmas Jumper Day – Friday 9th December

So we are all familiar with 'Christmas jumper day', right? You all bring £2 into work and wear your craziest Christmas jumper for the day to raise money for charity? Well, we thought we would do our own version! 

We want to see your best pet Christmas (bonus if they have a jumper on) photos. 

Not all pets are happy being dressed up, so please make sure they are safe and comfortable.

The best submissions may even be featured in next years Christmas card pack.

Why not get your local dog walking group involved, or send a message to the agility group chat you've been quiet in for a while...

Please make your £2 donation and send your photos to

We can't wait to see your festive photos!

p.s. it doesn't have to be Friday 9th, we just wanted to pick a date to aim for.

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