Age (Years):  2-3 years
Breed:  Netherland Dwarf
Sex:  Male
To live with older children?  Possibly
To live with younger children:  No
Neutered:  Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Microchipped:  Yes
Type of home required:  Experienced rabbit owners with time to build his trust.

This little man is Grumpy. He came in to us after he was found running loose in a garden after his owners moved house and left him behind. He had overgrown incisors and an eye infection.

From what we know, he has always lived in a hutch on his own. He is a netherland dwarf, approximately 2-3 years and needs an experienced rabbit owner.

Grumpy is the prime example of what can happen when rabbits aren't able to express their natural behaviours, are neglected and so grow up full of fear. He has almost no trust in humans and is often very defensive.

The rabbit staff have been working hard on building his trust but he will take a long time and needs someone willing to continue spending time with him. We think his behaviour will drastically improve once he is somewhere calm and is bonded with a neutered female rabbit.