Date of Birth:  2019
Breed:  Lionhead
Sex:  Female
To live with younger children:  No
Neutered:  Yes
Vaccinated:  Yes
Type of home required:  Experienced rabbit owners

Minnie has unfortunately been back and forth between us and homes. She originally came to us as a baby in 2019 with her sisters. She was then rehomed but a few months later brought back.
Since then she has been a little bit of a grumpy bunny who has clearly lost her trust in humans. She has gone to two homes but come back due to ‘failed bonding’.
We absolutely believe she can be bonded with another rabbit, she just needs more time than most.
We don't want to give up on this beautiful girl, she deserves a chance to find her husbun, it just needs to be the right kind of rabbit and with an owner who has experience bonding.
We have even been offered the free bonding services of Cheryl who runs Rabbit Boarding & Bonding Norwich. Cheryl is incredibly knowledgeable about rabbits and bonds many of our rabbits externally.
Minnie will benefit from a large, open enclosure with lots of places she can express her natural rabbit behaviours.
She is not suitable to live in a hutch/run set up. Converted sheds with secure runs, aviaries or with her own room as a house rabbit would be ideal.
She is full of personality and is still so young with plenty of time to learn not to try and bite the hand that feeds! She loves any toys she can throw around, digging in cardboard boxes and is more than happy to sit being groomed.
If you are an adult only household or with older children, have a young, calm male rabbit who is neutered and looking for a friend and you are willing to put time and patience into gaining the trust of Minnie, please contact us.