PACT always has lots of rodents looking for loving homes, including rats, gerbils, hamsters, mice, degus and chinchillas. If you can offer one of these furries a good home please come and see them when the sanctuary is open, or contact PACT by telephoning 01362 820775 or using our contact form (click here).


Degus do make entertaining pets but beware they are very active and nocturnal, normally friendly, they are extremely quick and therefore not easy for a child to handle so are best suited to homes where adults carry out most of the care. We always have lots of degus looking for their forever home.

Degus are less sought after now than a few years ago and we are finding it difficult to find new homes for these sweet little creatures, again they are nocturnal but do live longer than some of the other rodents and can become quite tame.


Hamsters and gerbils are still one of Britain's most popular pets, they are cute and entertaining but the down side is that they are nocturnal, they want to play and make noise when humans want to sleep, they are not long lived, and can pack a nasty bite if not handled properly.


Rats make far the best pet for any member of the family. Most people are brought up to find rats scary and are often put off by their tails, but once they get to know these entertaining little creatures they realise what fantastic pets they are. They are highly intelligent and very loving; they form a bond with their humans really quickly, soon learn their names and readily come to call. Much quieter and less aggressive than the traditional rodent pets, they also have the advantage of not being totally nocturnal so they are happy to wake up and play whenever their owners wish them to. In fact the only down side to having rats as pets is that they simply do not live long enough.