Romanian Dogs In Crisis







September 4, 2013 - marked the beginning of a very dark time for Romania's homeless animals. Following the tragic death of little Ionut, a four-year-old boy who was allegedly  killed by dogs after he entered a private, fenced land, Romanian President, Traian Basescu, urged the Government to elaborate an emergency ordinance that ALL dogs be killed. 

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said. “This is a tragic event. Local authorities have to find solutions to finally tackle the longstanding unresolved problem of dogs roaming the streets,”


Since the tragic accident, all Romanian televisions and newspapers are continuously talking about this tragedy. They do shows, tell stories, interview people who feel disturbed by dogs, they show false statistics, they distort the reality, and they inflame the entire population. 
But too little is being mentioned that little Ionut was left too long unsupervised by his grandmother;  he and his 6 year-old brother had left the park; wandered very far away; and entered a private, fenced property where dogs were.  Of course, it was quickly said that it was 'stray dogs', but these dogs could as well have been 'guard dogs', perhaps even deliberately encouraged to be aggressive. Since no-one is compelled to identify and to register his/her dogs nobody can be accountable even if someone is being attacked or killed on private ground. 





We do not know for sure... the dogs can have been guard dogs, and they can as well have been strays, but little Ionut's tragic death is sad beyond words, in any case.... and our hearts and thoughts go out to the family of the little boy. Do all dogs have to pay for this tragedy: not just the strays but dogs in public shelters are condemned but private shelters are being broken into and dogs murdered.







The mayoress of Craiova, Lia Olguta Aliescu, who hates dogs, was the  first Romanian mayor to announce that she had ordered the killing of all dogs in their local shelter. The next will probably be the dogs at the public shelter in Râmnicu Vâlcea.  The fate of the 13,000 homeless dogs of Timisoara is also already determined: mayor Nicolae Robu did not waste any time to sentence them all to death!

There are no rules on how these thousands of dogs are to be killed it will cause horrendous suffering  they are shot, trapped, poisoned or clubbed to death..


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