International Rescue Dogs

We have been forced to suspend our work with International Rescue Dogs due to the covid-19 pandemic but hope to resume the International Rescue Dogs Kennel sponsorship as soon as we are financially in a position to do so

Dogs who have been rescued from Eastern Europe

Conditions remain very serious out in Eastern Europe, particularly in Romania where dogs are being slaughtered all over the country. Even in the shelters they are not safe. Thank goodness there is a group of wonderful people working to help these dogs who would otherwise die.

PACT takes some of the dogs when they arrive in England and board them in private boarding kennels so they do not impact on any UK dogs.

We are very grateful to our supporters who finance this operation and make it possible for us to board these poor souls and rehabilitate them so they can move forward in their lives and get that forever home.

For more information on how you can help click here.




Mara and her brother Toro are lovely large dogs with so much to give. Just two of many victims of the Romanian stray dog crisis, they are gorgeous friendly playful dogs both aged around 11 months.Click here to read more about Mara and Toro.




Poor Holly, a small 4 yr old crossbreed was found cold and frightened on the streets of Romania having recently given birth to a litter of puppies who had sadly frozen to death in the bitter winter. Happily, she has now been rehomed.





Linda is a beautiful gentle Dalmation crossbreed now eleven years old, who has lived at a shelter in Romania since being a puppy and until last April spent all of her life on a short chain. Read more about Linda here.




Another international rescue from Romania. Kisa, an adorable girl, with a wonderful temperament has happily gone to a new home.