Age (Years):  8 Months
Breed:  Rommie Crossbreed
Sex:  Male
Colour:  Golden
Housetrained:  Yes
Destructive:  When you are no, not destructive. When left panics and becomes destructive.
Good with dogs:  Yes
Good with cats:  Yes
To live with older children?  12 Years Plus
To live with younger children:  No
Neutered:  No to be done when older
Vaccinated:  Yes
Microchipped:  Ys



Rowan is one of the rommie puppies we had come in some months ago, sadly for Rowan his rehoming didn't work out due to his severe separation anxiety so we are looking for an owner who is at home majority of the time who is prepared to work with Rowan to overcome his anxiety, this may need to potentially have the help of a professional. 

Whilst at the sanctuary we have found Rowan to be better when placed with another dog for company, so we are looking for a home with an older respectful dog that will show him the ropes. 

Rowan is a playful, affectionate lad who enjoys a fuss and cuddle. 

Rowan could possibly be rehomed with cats. 


In the home Rowan is a very peaceful, relaxed and friendly lad. He sleeps through the night and rarely has accidents in the home. After his evening meal Rowan gets a case of the zoomies and loves to charge around the garden, sometimes he can be going so fast he turns into a clumsy speed of a pup and can knock into people by mistake.  Most the time Rowan is sound asleep and enjoying his relaxation. On walks Rowan can get over stimulated and excitable and finds it hard to listen, so he will require further lead training. His previous owners found he didn't like being on lead and preferred a long lead in crowded areas. We have been working with him at the sanctuary but as its relatively quiet here we expect he will go backwards before going forwards in the new home until he is comfortable again. 

Rowan is nervous of traffic so does require gentle socialisation to walking on roads near traffic.


Previously his owners tried crate training to which Rowan chewed his way out, so not to cause injury to Rowan they left him in one room. The anxiety was so bad he sadly destroyed whatever he could get hold off and barked until they came back. (Rowan can open doors, has chewed sofas, curtains etc) Rowan is then extremely overly excited to see you and eventually calms down in your presence and sleeps the rest of the day away. If Rowan knows someone is in the home he is happy to be left, but the idea of him being all alone with no one near by panics Rowan. Being a rommie he is used to being part of a pack and always having a dog companion, we are hoping having an elder sensible dog in the home already will help alleviate some of Rowans stress about being alone, but it will be up to the owners to work with him to overcome this fully.


Rowan sleeps either on the floor by the bed or in the cool hallway and is good overnight, often jumping up on the bed for a cuddle in the morning if invited onto the bed. 

His previous owners had a cat, which Rowan was excited to see but learnt that he needed to be calm and slow with cats. 

When Rowan is calm he listens well and is easily trainable, when stressed Rowan finds it harder to listen so needs a patient owner who will help him overcome the fears he has.


Rowan loves teddies, and some things, so lots of soft toys are a must for him.

He loves to be around people, having a fuss on his ears or belly.

Rowan is a wonderfully sweet dog that will make a wonderful addition to any family, he just need structure, patience and guidance with his anxieties.