Rudie & Sprocket

Rudie & Sprocket
 Rudie & SprocketRudie & Sprocket 

Date of Birth  Rudie - 11.03.21 Sprocket - Approx 2021
Breed  ALBINO Ferret
Sex  Males
Colour  Albino
To live with other animals  Yes, other ferrets
To live with older children?  Yes if experienced with nippy ferrets
To live with younger children  No
Neutered  Yes
Microchipped  Yes

Rudie & Sprocket

Rudie is a stunning Albino Ferret who was born in March 2021.

Rudie was brought from a breeder and stayed with his new owners 6 days before coming to PACT due to how unhandled he had been in the socialization period. 

Rudie has been known here at PACT to be quite unpredictable and will bite for no apparent reason, we believe this to be because of the lack of handling he had. 

Here at the sanctuary Rudie loves to play and interact with us, sometimes he can get a bit carried away but he is learning day by day.

Sprocket came to us as a stray, is approximately 1 year old and was recently (September 2022) bonded with Rudie at the sanctuary.

He is very playful and like Rudie can play bite.

These two are best buds and need to be rehomed together.