Sponsor Tosh the rescue dog

Sponsor Tosh the rescue dog

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For as little as £10.00 a year, you can sponsor Tosh.

By sponsoring an animal you will be helping our animal sanctuary with their work. You will also be able to come and visit the sanctuary on open days or by appointment and meet Tosh.

Tosh as a puppy with an infected eye

Tosh came to us after we received a frantic call from his owners stating his mother and three siblings had died during birthing two days previous and a further two siblings had faded away and died leaving him and his sister needing to be handreared and they desperately needed us to help.
Of course, we agreed to take them in and Su who normally handrears the kittens at the sanctuary was on stand-by to take them. On arrival to the sanctuary the owners partner gave a slightly different version of events, stating three pups had died when they were born, two more had faded away over the last two days and mum had died over night, which left these two puppies needing to be hand fed, which the owner couldn’t do.
The puppies were very cold, dirty and weak on intake and Janet the vet nurse had to give them sub cut fluids as they were too weak to drink themselves. Janet nursed them through the first night, giving them more fluids and keeping them warm, and Su then started small hourly feeds in the hope they would pull through.
Unfortunately, Tosh’s little sister, the brown smaller puppy, was too weak and struggled until she eventually gave up her fight and she passed away aged four days old. Luckily little Tosh is a fighter and he has slowly grown stronger by the day. He did have further problems with puss around his eye causing his face to swell on one side, but with vet treatment he has pulled through and is now a healthy little lad, who is now starting to learn how to wag his tail, play and attempt to bark.
Unfortunately, we will never know the true story to what happened to his mum, who was a Jack Russell x Lhasa Apso and they didn’t know who the dad was. 

Please see our Instagram page for a video of Tosh finding his feet on:


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