Sponsored Events

Sponsored events raising money for PACT animal sanctuary.  Our Norfolk based animal shelter has over 1200 animals in it's care at any time.  We rely solely on the good will and generosity of our supporters.  If you could do a sponsored event for our animal shelter we would be very grateful.

Elizabeth Anderson's marathon run on behalf of PACT

Elizabeth says "I am running the London Vitality 10k for People For Animal Care Trust because they are a small charity saving animals every day"

Thank you Elizabeth!



If you would like to give a regular donation to the sanctuary please click here.


Romanian Dog Rescue Appeal

Romanian Dog Rescue Appeal£5.00

PACT is an all animal sanctuary based in Norfolk that has 1600 plus animals in it's care and operates a 24/7 emergency ambulance services for animals in distress.
From deer to birds a wide range of animals are helped every year and PACT are the only shelter to offer this service in East Anglia.