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Storm Damage Appeal

Storm Damage Appeal
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Storm Doris has had a devastating effect on our Sanctuary and we are faced with thousands of pounds worth of repair bills.

Although we had warning of the high winds and carried out all practical protection of the animals and their housing Doris exceeded all expectations and obviously we could do nothing to protect the trees that surround our property.

The first casualties were trees on our roadside boundary and along with others further along the road they crashed down narrowly missing our paddock fencing and blocked the road. Of course all the fallen trees cut off our electricity supply as well as causing us to take long detours to attend to the sheep pigs and horses living at our Wood Farm, (fortunately not so aptly named as River Farm), so no damage to our property there.

Thanks to Jason Alec and Colin our road was not blocked for long as they quickly used their chain saws to cut up the offending trees and removed as much as they could. However our fallen trees had split leaving their remains at risk and needing to be felled but this is a dangerous job for experts with the proper equipment at an estimated cost of over £1000.

We cannot simply leave the split trees until we can afford this cost as should we have further high winds and the trees fall they would crash into our paddock fencing causing more expensive damage. We have had to take the precaution of taking that paddock out of use to protect the ponies who normally graze there, again increasing the use of feed and bedding. Yet more demand on our funds.

This was not the worst news. When checking the wild life site for damage we discovered several trees had been partly blown down causing extensive damage to the fencing which protects our disabled wild creatures from predators. Not only do these trees also need to be dealt with but the fencing needs to be completely restored. We expect this to cost in the region of £15000, a sum which we cannot afford but a job which urgently needs to be done to ensure the safety of our rescued wildlife.

On the plus side fortunately our animal housing is soundly constructed and the damage there was minimal which we have been able to repair ourselves.

Fortunately none of our animals suffered any ill effects thanks to the care of our dedicated team. Those who still had an electricity supply took home the neediest ones and the rest were kept warm by our small generators. Before next winter though we really do need to purchase a larger generator to power our new wildlife hospital so if any of you know where there is a good generator for sale cheaply please do let us know.


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