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Veterinary appeal for Angel and Bonita

Veterinary appeal for Angel and Bonita
 Veterinary appeal for Angel and BonitaVeterinary appeal for Angel and Bonita 

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Please can you help PACT pay the extensive vet and feed bills these girls are incurring
so that they may go on to lead the life that they truly deserve. 

Having been callously dumped by their breeder in a ‘kill shelter’ in Budapest Angel and Bonita two beautiful Mastiff girls aged around six and seven years old were eventually rescued and transported to Scotland.

Their new owner was very shocked at their condition which bore no resemblance to their photographs posted on the internet which had inspired her to offer them a home. Both girls were very thin, but Angel was positively skeletal.

angel-rescued-mastiff-PACT-animal-sanctuary    angel-rescued-mastiff-PACT-animal-sanctuary


Both had suffered fly strike to their ears causing horrific pain and again poor Angel had sustained the worst damage.

angel-rescued-mastiff-PACT-animal-sanctuary  bonnie-rescued-mastiff-PACT-animal-sanctuary 

ANGEL'S EARS                                                                 BONNIE'S EARS          

Their new owner soon realised that not only were two large Mastiffs way too big for a small flat already home to a family plus cats but that she was not going to be able to afford the extensive veterinary fees needed to enable them to fully recover. In fact, up until arriving at PACT neither had received any proper veterinary care.

Angel and Bonita’s prospects looked poor and they were faced with the possibility of being put to sleep or worse until PACT was alerted to the dogs’ plight. Our Sarah and Jake drove to Glasgow and back in a day to help this pair of friendly affectionate lovely girls. Once Angel and Bonita have fully recovered and are well enough to leave the Sanctuary they will be off to the forever home which has already been offered to them.


In the meantime, they are being well cared by our kennel staff and vet team and already gaining weight and looking so much happier.


Please can you help PACT with their vet and feed bills?