Veterinary appeal for Bella

Veterinary appeal for Bella

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URGENT APPEAL for help with Bella's vet fees.


Bella is  beautiful Podenco x female, who is currently 7 months old. Who came into the sanctuary when her owners started to struggle with her care.

Bella is like a typical puppy, she is full of energy, always wanting to play or have cuddles, as soon as she sees you she starts to wiggle with pure excitement!

Sadly when Bella came in we started to notice something wasn’t quite right with her back left leg, our concerned kennel team were quick to get her seen by our veterinary staff who noticed that Bella was intermittently hopping on one leg. Our vet examined her and diagnosed her with a severe luxating patella on her left back leg. When we x-rayed her we could see that her femurs (thigh bones) were not the correct shape. We need to send her to The Grove referral hospital for a CT scan and she will likely need extensive surgery. The cost of this is likely to be between £3500-£6000.

We are desperate to get help for Bella’s vet fees, please if you can spare just a few pennies or pounds, it all helps.


Can you help?