Yanna & Casper

Yanna & Casper

To live with older children?  Teens and up
To live with younger children  No
Neutered  Yes
Vaccinated  Yes
Microchipped  Yes

Update June 2022: Since bonding Yanna with Casper at the sanctuary, her fear aggression has improved so much - it just goes to show how important it is that rabbits have companions of their own kind. Yanna will now allow a small fuss and is happy for you to enter her run.
Yanna and Casper are looking for an adult only home together.
Yanna has helped to build Caspers confidence so much. He will come over to you for treats and once he trusts you, will sit for a few minutes being stroked. He is an incredibly sweet boy who has sadly been with us for over a year. He was always overlooked due to being more on the shy side but we are hoping the right patient owners will come for him soon.
Yana is very much the complete opposite! She is full of sass and likes her own space. She is coming on day by day and starting to trust us more but she will take time before she fully trusts you.
These two will need a large enclosure to explore - they both enjoy their own space but are often snuggled up together.
Casper has a gorgeous coat that does need grooming at least twice a week, but he is very good at grooming time.