Date of Birth  2019
Breed  Rottweiler
Sex  Female
Housetrained  Yes
Destructive  No
Good with dogs  Not to live with. But can go on social lead walks.
Good with cats  No
To live with older children?  16 Years Plus
To live with younger children  No
Neutered  Yes
Vaccinated  Yes
Microchipped  Yes


Gorgeous Cassie originally came to us back in 2021, when her former owners bred her and her brother (Dougie) together.

As the puppies grew up the pups and their parents started to fight. The owners decided to keep the puppies and rehome Cassie and Dougie.

For a time, these two would come out and play together but after a while kennel life became too over stimulating for them and they had to be split and were both rehomed separately.

Cassie has been returned after 2 years in the home. The owners were struggling with her reactivity towards other animals and felt it was best to return her to us. Since being back with us we have worked on this reactivity with training, and she has come on leaps and bounds regardless of all the distractions at the sanctuary – cats, dogs, goats, ponies, peacocks etc… She has been very manageable.

Cassie would be best suited to a rural home.

Cassie will never be able to be off lead with other dogs. With training she is non-reactive to other dogs on the lead, so can be walked without issues, but this takes training that everyone that wants to walk her will need to do.

As always, we are happy to support with basic training advice.

Cassie is muzzle trained and we would recommend she wears a muzzle when out for walks.

Cassie has always been great with people - she is the most affectionate dog who loves to play and have a cuddle.

Cassie is a calm, loving girl who will sit with you while you work keeping you company. She loves to chew a bone and just be at your side.

She is fully housetrained and respectful in the home.

Cassie would make a great companion for someone with time to train her and who would like a snuggly dog for some company.

Dog Adoption Form

Thank you for being interested in giving one of our dogs a loving home.

Our rehoming requirements are below:

  • All existing animals in the home must be neutered and vaccinated (where appropriate)
  • Must be prepared to take out pet insurance to cover any unforeseen accidents or illnesses.
  • Must be prepared to vaccinate annually and keep up to date with flea and worm treatments.
  • You must have a private enclosed garden attached to your home.
  • Your garden must be secure with a minimum of 4ft to maximum of 6ft boundaries - this is dog specific.
  • We do not rehome to flats or homes with communal gardens.
  • You will be required to visit your chosen dog a minimum of 3 times to allow us to assess if you are a suitable match.
  • All members of the household will be required to visit your chosen dog/s.
  • You must be prepared to sign a foster agreement that outlines our terms and conditions.

Rehoming fees:
All costs below are a minimum requested donation. This is to help cover our costs.
All dogs are neutered (puppies are booked in for neutering with us when old enough), vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea/worming treatments.

Dogs under 1 year - £350.00
Dogs 1 year-12 years £300.00
Dogs 12 years+ £250.00